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29. September 2015
After finished the new pot initiate process, now you are now ready to use Yixing teapots for preparing your first pot of tea. 1. Fill your Yixing teapot with freshly boiled water to heat up the pot. Drain the water. 2. Put one teaspoon of tea leaves into your pot. Again, fill the teapot with freshly boiled water. Drain the water quickly to rinse the tea leaves. 3. Fill the teapot a third time with boiling water, allow it to steep for at least 1 minute and enjoy your tea
29. September 2015
Before using a new Yixing teapot you should prepare it so that the teapot is ready for absorbing all the fragrance of the tea leaves. In order to season a perfect Yixing teapot, and get a good taste of your tea soup, remember only use one type of tea for that yi xing teapot. Because of the micropores of the material, which giving Yixing clay its “breathing” property and potential to render fine infusion, the taste matters of tea also very gradually build up into the pot too.This is good and...

29. September 2015
Recognized by artisans and literati centuries ago, these characteristics of the Zisha or purple clays help to make Yixing pots especially well-suited for brewing tea. Excavations have shown that the composition and structure of the clays used in making authentic Yixing teapots today closely resemble those used in pots from the 1500s and later. Yixing Teapots are made by a very special unglazed clay material called “zisha” clay. The yixing purple clay teapot is reputed as the “first of all...
28. September 2015
Besides the exceptional structure and mineral composition of Yixing clay, the most unique characteristic about the Yixing teapot is the traditional coiling technique of “forging the body” that is used to make a Yixing teapot. Unlike the common “earth clay” which comes in the form of “mud,” the raw Yixing clay comes in the form of rock, and it only appears to be like “mud” after many steps of preparing and refining. For this very reason the true Yixing clay cannot be turned on a...

29. March 2015
Tea sets tea sets are superfine, it is no exaggeration to say that they are half of the tea culture. To study the tea is to know and understand the tea sets well.
08. August 2014
None of the so-called “four treasures of the teahouse” can be dispensed with. They are Yushu (Shiwei), Chaoshan Furnace, Mengchen Jar and Ruochen Cup.

03. January 2014
"ManSheng 18 Type" is 18 types of zisha clay teapots created by ManSheng Chen. ManSheng Chen is one of Chinese great artists in Qing Dynasty."ManSheng 18 types" is very important in the history of Chinese arts and crafts design.