MaoShan QingFeng/Qi Qiang Green Tea/茅山青峰

Maoshan Qingfeng green tea is originally produced in Mao lu town of MaoJintan City in Jiangsu province. It is produced firstly in 40’s in 20 century.  its name was “qi qiang green tea”at first, and it was renamed “mao shan qing feng” in 1983.

Quality characteristics of maoshan qingfeng tea:

Shape: Flat appearance, straight as a sword

Color: green and smooth

Aroma: Aroma: clean aroma high long

Taste: fresh and mellow, brisk

Tea leafs: tender yellow and fat, evenly

Maoshan qingfeng is produced in Jin tan city;Jintan is in municipal Northern subtropical monsoon climate zone. Jintan City climate is characterized by four seasons, adequate heat, precipitation little rain hot with quarter disasters. Annual average temperature 15.3 °C (59.5 °F), average annual precipitation 1,063.5 millimetres (41.87 in). The frost-free period covers 228 days, Average humidity is 78%.