LeiGong Mountain Sliver Ball Tea

Silver ball tea is a unique tea variety about 18-20mm diameter, which surface color is silver grey and dark green.Sliver Ball tea is from LeiGong mountains which is a famous nature reserves zone in Lei Shan county in GuiZhou province. Tea plantations are located in leigongshan national nature reserve between 1300-1400 meters above sea level.

The tea is produced with a bud and 2 leaves of " Pure Brightness tea" growing in the plantation over an altitude of 1400 meters,after fried processed, refined for pellets, that is beautiful, and scent resistant foam.Each "ball" diameter 18-20 mm and weighs 2.5 grams, while brewing tea, generally use one ball in a cup.

its Selenium content of tea is as high as 2.00-2.02 micrograms  per gram, which is generally 15 times of the average selenium content in the other teas.

Appreciating Tea