Ziyang Cuifeng tea

Quality characteristics of Ziyang Cuifeng tea:

Shape: tightly,fat and sturdy, more white tips

Color: green jade

Soup color: bright green

Aroma: tender flavour lasting

Taste: sweet and mellow, fresh and brisk

Tea leafs: tender and evenly

Ziyang Cuifeng tea produced in Ziyang County of Shanxi. Ziyang County lies in South of Shaanxi Province and is located in northern foothill of Daba Mountain along the Hanshui River , is one of Chinese traditional famous tea producing areas. The Ziyang Tea is excellent in quality, enjoys the great reputation in the history. As early as in the Tang Dynasty it used to be taken as tribute for palace use, In the time of Northern Wei Dynasty, it had been sold to the western region and the central Asia, western Asia along the Silk Road . In Qing Dynasty Ziyang Maojian Tea has become one of the top ten Famous Teas. Nowadays Ziyang County is a national main high quality tea producing area.

At present Ziyang County has become one of two national selenium-rich areas. Because of the unique geologic structures, within Ziyang boundaries the selenium content in the rock and the soil respectively achieves 5.6 6ppm and 3.9 8ppm. The natural Ziyang selenium-rich tea is the first specialty tea through the scientific appraisal in the world.

On September 6, 1989, in the Great Hall of the People, an appraisal committee consists of 13 professionals and experts coming from the Chinese nutriology, the medicine, the tea study were united in their conclusion: the Ziyang tea contains the highest selenium quantity (20 times higher than other ordinary teas) in China, but also in the scope of human's needs. Ziyang selenium- rich tea has some certain guards anti - cancer, anti- tumor, anti- radiation and delays aging. The selenium is the essential trace element for human body. There are more than 40 kinds of humanity disease occurred with lacks of the selenium such as cancer, the Keshan disease, the Kaschin-Beck disease, hypertension,