Pu Jiang Que She

“Que She”, its direct translation “Bird Tongue”, is a type of China green tea, consists of one bud and two leaves from each picking, which when dried resembles a bird's tongue, giving the tea its name.

Pu Jiang Que She is a speciality tea of Pu Jiang County in Sichuan Province, and it also is one of China geographic indication products. Pu Jiang County is one of Chinese major tea production areas, located in the southwest of Sichuan basin, and southwestern margin of the ChengDu Plain.

Pujiang climate features: perennial climate mild (annual temperatures 16.4 ℃, 10 ℃ Pujiang tea planting base figure set Pujiang tea planting base figure set (41 Zhang) above years product temperature 5,119 ℃, frost-free period 302 days), Sunshine less (≤ 1122 hours), rainfall full (years precipitation 1280 mm), shallow hill mountain (elevation 550-630 meters), spring effective product temperature high.

Pu Jiang Que She is the earliest harvesting green tea in Spring because of unique warm climate in Pu Jiang County, earlier about 10-30 days than the other famous green tea , such as “xi hu long jing tea” and “bi luo chun”..

Tea production in Pu Jiang County dates back to the Song Dynasty, when Lu Yu wrote of a green tea with leaves like a bird’s tongue in his treatise on tea.

PuJiang QueShe's raw tea leaves  have strict requirements, the picking time must be in February to April each year. Pu Jiang Que she is handmade with traditional method of  tea production, a complex process.