Nan Yue Yun Wu Tea

Nan Yue Yun Wu tea is produced in Hengshan Mountain, in the central of Hunan province, China.The unique geographic environment and ecologic condition of Nanyue hengshan has laid a sound foundation for the growing of  Yunwu Tea.

Annual mean temperature in Nanyue is 14 centigrade, annual rainfall is 2200mm and its frost period is forty days and it is covered by clouds and fogs for 280 days in a year. Its relative humidity is over 80%.It enjoys a classic hilly brown earth and a thick humus layer. The tea planting base is located in the belt with an elevation of 800-1000m, far from urban areas, within 20km around which belonging to national natural reserve, free from any pollution of factories and mines. Its  ambient air quality is up to the grade-A standard.

The excellent ecologic environment and cloud/mist climate of higher mountains has enabled Nanyue Yunwu Tea to be a kind of natural top grade tea. Its color, fragrance, taste and shape become more optimal upon the fine and deep processing.