Jing Ting Lv Xue / 敬亭绿雪

Jingting Lv Xue (Jingting Green Snow Tea),originating in Jingting Mountain, north to the Xuancheng city, Anhui province. the tea made in Xuancheng city is famous for "Jing ting lv xue", "GaoFeng Yun Wu","Shuidong Heng Wen", and Jingting Lv Xue is the most well-known one.

Quality characteristics of Jingting Green Snow tea:

Shape: shape of bird’s tongue, straight

Color: tender green, wearing pekoe

Soup color: clear and bright

Aroma: tender flavour lasting

Taste: fresh and brisk

Tea leafs: tender and even

It has a long standing reputation , the "Xuancheng County" recorded, "In Ming and Qing Dynasty, tribute of Jingting Lv Xue for each year are more than 150 kilograms" .

However, Xuanting Lv Xue was lost in the late of Qing Dynasty, in 1972,tea factory of Jingting moutain, Anhui province started to recover, and in 1978,developed compeletly, Jingting Lv Xue has received a lot of honor, together with Huangshan Mao Feng, Liuan Gua Pian honored the three major premium quality tea of Anhui province.

Jing Ting Mountain, is called as “poem mountain”; and China great poet “Li Bai” had some poem about Jing Ting Mountain.

There were various stories about the name of Jingting lv xue

In ancient times, there was a clever, beautiful, kindness girl whose name was Lv xue, lived in the mountant foot of the Jingting, she picked the tea from Ting Mountain every year to exchange some money for the heal and treatment of her paralysed mother. But the tea she picked only could be found in the steep cliff on the mountaintop. One day, she found a flourish tea tree of fresh leap and drops on the cliff, she thought if she picked the tea on that tree, maybe she could got the money for the medicine of her mother's treatment, unfortunately, one slip, she fall off the cliff. The tea she has picked in her back basket falling like snow in the air, rendering the mountain into the green shadow. The leaves dropped on the land instantly grew up the tea trees, and the valley became a tea garden. After that, later of Jing Ting Mountain never suffered the danger of picking tea from the cliff. To commemorate this kindhearted, diligent girl, people named "Jingting Lv Xue" to tea made in Jingting Mountain.