Ting Xi Lan Xiang Tea / 汀溪兰香

Ting Xi Lan Xiang tea or Ting Xi Orchid Tea is a green tea from Ting Xi Village, An Hui Province, China. Lan Xiang tea is one of An Hui province's Top 10 Famous Tea along with other great teas. Lan Xiang is translated as "Orchid Fragrance". a beautiful name it owes to its naturally sweet orchid-like aroma and taste. Tin Xi Lan Xiang is created based on the highest grading standards.

Quality characteristics of Tingxi Lanxiang tea:

Shape: shape like scissors, flat and straight

Color: green jade

Soup color: green bright

Aroma: tender aroma lasting

Taste: fresh and brisk

Tea leafs: yellow, fat and evenly

Tingxi Lanxiang tea is mainly produced in Jing County of China’s Anhui Province. Tea regions have dense forests, climate temperature and humidity, fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing. Ting Xi Lan Xiang belongs to natural, non-polluted green food. 

Ting Xi Lan Xiang is a kind of tea produced in Jingxi of Jing county of Anhui province. Jing county is an aged tea zone of Anhui province. And in the late of Qing dynasty, the tea of Jing county has been batch exported to southeast Asia. Ting Xi Lan Xiang is produced by the foundation of Jingxi Tikui and use traditional manual craft exquisite and become a series of tea. When Deng Xiao Ping (the Chairman of China government) made this remark of this tea: "This is a good tea that I will be drinking regularly. It is comparable to the best Huang Shan Mao Feng and Xi Hu Long Jing".