WuZi XianHao

WuziGreenTea,  which was named  after the Wuzi mountain, is produced in Xixiang county,  Hanzhong city of Shanxi province,  China's  famous  tea  county.  Xixiang  tea  is  well  known  in  China's  history,  first  produced  in  Qin  and  Han  dynasty  and  becoming  nation-wide  popular  in  Tang  and  hence  chosen  as  the  royal  tribute.  The  large-scale  grown,  good  quality  seeds  sown  and  high  yield  made  Xixiang  county  one  of  China's  tea  producing  region.  Located  in  Qinba  mountain  area,  from  800  to  1,200  meters  above  sea  level,  it  is  the  middle  zone  of  the  Northern  and  Southern  climate, 

As  the  northest  tea  produced  region  in  China,  the  plentiful  rainfall,  mild  climate  and  nutritious  soil  build  an  advantageous  environment  and  form  the  unique  quality  of  Wuzi  green  tea:  high  content  of  zinc,  selenium,  aminoacid,  catechol,  catechin,  vitamin  and  other  beneficial  factors,  richer  than  the  average  green  tea.  It  has  the  unique  quality  of  pure  green,  all  from  nature,  uncontaminated  and  rich  in  Zn  and  Se.  "Wuzi  Xianhao",  the  highest  grade  of  Wuzi  green  tea,  is  well  processed  by  the  new  buds  and  epicormic  leaves  plucked  before  Pure  Brightness  (5th  solar  term).It's  wonderful  in  color,  aroma,  taste  and  appearance.  Once  made  in  the  transparent  glass,  it  looks  like  a  orchid  and  turns  emerald  green,  which  has  fragrant  aroma  and  mellow  taste. 

Quality characteristics of Wuzi Xianhao tea:

Shape: flat, the shape of orchid

Color: green, more tips

Soup color: bright green

Aroma: aroma lasting

Taste: sweet and mellow

Tea leafs: tender and evenly

Healthy benefit of WuZi XianHao Tea

While  watching  and  enjoying  it,  you  feel  relaxed  and  happy.  Not  only  can  the  tea  quench  your  thirst,  but  also  nourish  your  body.  It  is  an  ideal  nutriment  containing  various  trace  elements  such  as  Zn  and  Se  etc.  Constant  drinking  will  refresh  yourself,  relieve  internal  fever,  promote  digestion,  help  lose  weight,  beautify  skin,  lower  blood  pressure,  antilipemic  and  prevent  against  cancer  and  radiation  harm.  What's  more,  scientists  from  Japan,  US,  Britain,  France  and  China  have  proved  that  green  tea  can  prevent  people  from  influenza  and  protect  human  body  against  radiation  from  electronic  products  such  as  computer,  TV  and  cellular  phone  etc.  It  has  been  called  "  the  remedy  of  all  diseases"  for  a  long  time  and  now  it  becomes,  according  to  alimentologists'  claim,  fashionable  and  healthful  drink  for  the  whole  world  in  the  21st  century.   

Wuzi Xianhao tea is a newly created tea, created in 1985,  Picking standard of Wuzi Xianhao tea is very strictly. It picks fresh leaves between the Ching Ming Festival to Guyu, standard is a bud and a leaf or a bud and two leaves, dry tea per kg 62000 buds. Production processes of Wuzi Xianhao tea include: Spreading (35 hours), fixing, rolling, drying, baking, picking and other processe.