TianMu QingDing/TianMu YunWu/天目青顶


China Organic Green Tea,

Tian Mu Yun Wu, Tian Mu Qing Ding

Tea Type Organic certificated by BCS
Original Place

Tianmu Mountain, Hangzhou,

Zhejiang, China


strong bud with one or two leaves picked

in early March


tight and straight green tea bud

in tender green color


clear bright green water color

aroma lasting fresh, fragrant aroma
Taste fresh and mellow flavor
Infusion time 3 - 5 times

Store in airtight, opaque container in a cool,

dry place away from sunlight

Tianmu Qing Ding tea produced in Tianmu Mountain of Lin’an County, Zhejiang. Tian Mu Shan (Tian Mu Mountain) is due west of Hangzhou, near the edge of Zhejiang province, and its tea is one of Zhejiang's most famous classic greens.

Good environment can provide good tea.Tianmu Mountain in Linan covers 4284 acres, ranges from 1192411E to 11928 21E, 301830N to 302455N, with elevation of 300 m to 1556 m, and a typical forest ecosystem and landscape of middle subtropical regions. As the mountain lies on the north edge of middle subtropical region, meanwhile is affected by its particular structure, the climate here is cool in summer and warm in winter. The average temperature is 14 . The major soil is the widely spread red soil. All of these condition makes a best environment for planting organic tea trees.

Tian Mu Mountain is China's major tea-producing area, Tian Mu Mountain tea in the Tang Dynasty more than 1200 years ago has been well known, enduring, it has been uploaded into the Ming Dynasty, ...

Tianmu Qing Ding tea picks a bud and a leaf or a bud and two leaves. Tianmu Qing Ding tea include production processes: fixing, drying, spreading, re-bake, bake five processes.

This organic Tian Mu Qind Ding green tea has tip and straight shape, covered by pekoe on the whole surface, presents deep green color. With the unique clean aroma of green tea, the Organic Tian Mu Qing Ding Green Tea tastes fresh and mellow when brewed. The soup looks bright green and the buds and leaves are clear. It is a premium organic tea with good shape, nice aroma and fragrant flavor.

How to prepare green tea?

1. To prepare one cup of Chinese Green Tea, take one teaspoon of green tea leaves for one cup of water.

2. Put the green tea leaves in a tea filter.

3. Heat the cup of water in a pot until it starts boiling.

4. Place the occupied tea filter over a vacant cup.

5. Pour hot water over the tea leaves and into the cup.

6. Soak the tea leaves for a couple of minutes.

7. Remove the tea filter from the cup.

8. Once the tea cools down its ready to be served.

How to enjoy China premium green tea