Jing An Bai Cha / 靖安白茶

Song of JiangXi Green Tea

JingAn BaiCha, although called white tea, but it is actually green tea, specialty tea in JiangXi Province. 


Quality characteristics of Jing An Bai Cha :

Shape: the shape of orchid

Color: yellow green

Soup color: apricot yellow

Aroma: fragrance lasting

Taste: fresh and brisk, sweet after taste

Tea leafs: yellow and white leaves, green vein stem


Jing An County is located in the north of Yichun city . Its east near to An’yi county and south near to Fengxin county . The total area is 1377.49 sq.km. , which forest area of  is 83% . The third Country forest park area covers 97% , which was named as “ The south  green thesaurus “ and “inartificial oxygen bar “ .

Processing technology of Jing An Bai Cha is the same as green tea , as divided into fixing, rolling, drying and other processes.