QianDao Jade Leaf  Tea & QianDao Silver Needle Tea

Qian Dao (1000 Islands) a world famous resort, known for its beautiful scene and far from pollution. Qiandao Lake in Chun'an town, which is encircled by 1000 high mountains. Qiandao Lake is an ideal place for planting organic, green,pollution-free tea,for the climate there is mild and humid,cool in summer and warm in winter. It is considered as the "hinterland" and "Golden Triangle" region of china tea.

Tea History in QianDao (1000 Islands) Lake

The tea history of 1000 Island Lake begins 1000 years ago, in East Han period. And to the Tang Dynasty, tea produced in this place was presented only the the emperor, which honored the name of “gong cha”. There’s a very interesting story in how tea there becomes “gong cha”.
Long long time ago, there lived a couple name Jin Long and Mao Feng, since they lived in 1000 Island Districe, in the middle of An Hui and Zhejiang Province, every day there’s a lot a passengers passed their house.
There’re big and high mountain around this street, so the passengers will normally become thirty, when they passed Jin’s house, they would go in and ask for a cup of tea.
This is a generous couple. But year by year, they have picked all their tea to make drink for passes.
An immoral was deeply touched by their good deeds. He came into Jin Long’s dream, and tells him, “ I know u are lack of tea tree now, go and find it in the garden 6 miles east town.”
When wake up, Jin followed his dream, and really finds a big tea tree there. He picked some and made a cup of tea---how wonderful it is! The tea made by this tea tree was so good beyond words.
Jin remove that tree to his garden, and it grows so good that Jin have enough tea to make water for passes-by. Soon this was heared by the emperor, when he drank that water, he knew he found the best tea in the world, and gave the honor of “gong cha”.

QianDao Jade Leaf/Qian Dao Yu Tea:

Yuye Tea (Jade Leaf Tea), as its name goes, meaning every leave is green as jade and precious as Jade.  This tea is nominated esp. for its fragrance. Unlike other green tea, the smell of Jade Leave is fresh like newly-sprung bud in early spring.

Not every tea can be called “Jade Leaf”.“Qiandao Yuye”, precious Jade leave from 1000 Islands, precious teas from the heaven.

Drinking tea is like relishing a jade. Stay in peace and have a drink, you’ll feel you are going into a world of Zen, where understanding the life in a cup of tea time.

QianDao Silver Needle Tea /QianDao Yinzhen Tea:

Yinzhen Tea (Silver Needle Tea) got its name from the silver-like appearance. When drink, put 3g in a glass cup, fill it with boiling water, then you can enjoy a splendid scene of all the bud standing in the cup.