Wu Yang Chun Yu/武阳春雨

The song of "Wu Yang Chun Yu Green Tea"

WuYang ChunYu---Que She


1) Color: light green 

2) Grade: special grade in famous tea 

3) Shape: Its likeness pine needle , the color and luster light green is slightly yellow and perfume is pure.

4) Soup color: slightly yellow, pure 

5) Pick up time: in March every year

6) It has honored  :

China Famous-branded Product  in 1999 ,

Ten famous tea in Zhejiang province  in 2004,


WuYi ChunYu---High mountain Yun Wu Tea

The original production areas of "WuYang ChunYu"

"WuYang ChunYu" , the meaning of its name is "Wu Yang Spring Rain",The one night spring thunder falls ten thousand silk "(Chinese ancient poem)." It is produced in in the hometown of Chinese organic tea-Wuyi, Zhejiang Province.

WuYang ChunYu green tea's picking time is in Feb of every year, which is ealier than the other green tea's picking time. the tea farms is in the high mountains in Wuyi county,tea growth is environed with fresh air, cloud and mist all year round. As the curiosa in various teas, Its color is green and bright and perfume and taste are pure and mellow.