Fenggang Zinc Selenium Organic Tea

Fenggang zinc selenium tea is originated from Fenggang county,Zhunyi city,Guizhou province. Fenggang county has a long history of producing tea, there is relevant records in the Chinese most famous Tea Saint Luyu’s book”the classic of tea”. This tea is well known for it’s rich in zinc and selenium ,also has lots of good features such as green water, mellow taste, fresh green leaves etc.

This tasty tea is known for its even and flat appearance, resembling sunflower seeds. It brews a bright green liquor color with clean aroma, fresh fragrance and a hint sweet mouthfilling taste. The infused leaves are hairless and lovely. The comprehensive index of flavor, quality and aroma ranks top one domestically. The tea leaves are picked from the most tender of shoots and buds from natural organic tea garden in tea forest located at misty and cloudy Phoenix Hills. Processing by traditional and advanced modern technology, the valuable minerals like Zinc and Selenium are locked within.Distinct from black teas heavy and mellow flavor and Oolong teas attractive Yen flavor.  natural organic tea tastes sweet, fresh and tender.

 Zinc, selenium is necessary trace elements for human body. Zinc is the important component of a variety of enzymes in the human body. In January 2006, the general administration of quality supervision approved for the Fenggang zinc selenium-rich tea as geographical indications protection products. Since 2006, Fenggang zinc selenium tea has respectively won 17 gold, 5 silver medals in the "Chinese green tea cup", “China international tea expo "activities.

steeping with teacup: The proportion of tea and water is 1:50, the best water temperature is 80℃. Warm the cup with boiled water, add 3g dry tea into the cup, shake several times, then smell the fragrance. Infuse a little boiled water, after 1 minute, add some water, and drink. If the glass cup is used, the light green and elegant leaves and the beautiful shape can also be appreciated.

Storage Method: keep seal and dried, away from strong smell, store in cool place,