Tureen is a tea device with cover on the top, tray on the bottom, and bowl in the middle. Cover, bowl and tray are symbols of "Heaven, Earth," and "God", so the tureen, also known as the "3 powers bowl", "3 power cup". Mr.Lu Xun in his article Drinking Tea wrote: "If you want to drink nice tea, use the tureen. Sure enough, brew a tea in the tureen, the tea is clear and sweet, with slightly bitter fragrant, indeed a good tea."


Tureen is used to brew tea or drink tea. So it has the function of teapot and bowl. It can keep the tea warm as well as adjust the solubility of tea.


Tureen is mainly made of purple clay, procelain, glass texture and so on, but various colors of porcelain tureen are majority.

Wise selection

  • Size: Tureen volumn in tea brewing plays a very important role. 6g of tea should be in a tureen with the capacity of 90ml water; 7g of tea, 110ml of water; and 8g of tea, 130ml water.
  • Workmanship level: Qualified tureen has the character---contour lines are standard, square, perfect circle, ellipse etc. Do not buy the non-standard tureen.
  • Thick and thin tires: Mostly high quality tureens are thin, because thin tires are less endothermic in brewing, the temperature will be higher to tea, which can inspire more fragrance.
  • Eversion of the mouth of the tureen: When select the tureen, pay attention to the eversion of the mouth, usually a tureen with a large extent is better, which is good for the picking, avoiding burning your hand in brewing.


  • When use the tureen, the 3 parts should not use seperately, or it will affect the aesthetic, and it is also rude.
  • In drinking tea, one hand should hold up the tea tray, and the other hand opens the cover, smell the cover fragrance first. Then scuff tea with the cover, put the cover a little tilt, and drink slowly.