Filter & Filter Holder

Filter and filter holder are good partners, and they always appear in pairs.


Filter is used to filter tea leaves. When it is not used, it is put back into filter holder, and the filter holder is used to place the filter.


According to the material of filter handle, filters can be classified into stainless filter, porcelain filter, pottery filter, bamboo filter, wood filter, etc. According to sub-surface material of net, there are aluminum filter and fabric filter, and generally speaking, the fabric filter was relatively clean.

Filter frame material is mostly porcelain, stainless steel and iron, but with diverse shape, such as the shape of animals and handmade shape, with shows a highly decorative effect.

Wise selection

The best choice of filter is stainless steel because of frequent clean. Generally the old customers likes to buy the gourd dipper material.

There are lots of filter frame styles,such as shapes of animals, handmade shapes and so on, and the decorative effect is perfect. You can buy it according to your own preferences.


  • Filter is used for filtering tea leaves, and it should be put at the mouth of the fair cup. Do make the filter handle paralleled with the ear handle of fair cup.
  • Filter holder is used to place the filter.
  • Put the filter on the fair cup when they are used, and remove the tea leaves to make liquid more clean and translucent.