Tea Needle

Tea Needle is used in the brewing tea cake, brick tea, and Tuo Tea etc.


Designed specially to pry Pu-erh tea cake, brick tea, and Tuo tea.


Metal, horn, bone and other material.

Wise selection

Don't pick the sharp tea needle. Try to avoid crumbling the cord of condensed tea.


  • First put tea needle into the tea cake, and then pry up slowly, press the pried tea with thrumb to take tea.
  • Generally condensed tea is tightly and hard. Be careful in the process of pring and avoid being injoured by tea needle.
  • When pry brick tea, you can insert the needle from the side of tea brick; When pry tea cakes, you can insert tea needle from the back center of the depression; when pry Tuo tea, pry the cord along the Tuo.
  • For the loose pressed tea, you had better not to break it by hands. It is easy to make tea break down into pieces and not easy to steep up.