Tea Cup / Ping-ming Cup

Tea cup is often used in conjunction with the fragrance smelling cup to taste tea soup.


Taste tea soup.


There are many different types of tea cups, which generally are distinguished from texture, mainly include glass, porcelain, purple clay.

Wise selection

Choose the tea cups according to the principle:"small, shallow, white, thin", "small" means that the cup should not be too large, with 3-small sips capacity; "shallow" indicates that water can not remain at the bottom; "white" reflects that tea can demonstrate the tea soup color; and "thin" makes the fragrance quickly spreads.

When choose porcelain, ceramic, purple clay tea cups, the bottom of the cup should be shallow; the mouth of the cup should be wide; and its high light transmittance should be high.


  • When men holding tea cup, they should hold the cup body with the thumb and index finger, boost the cup bottom with middle finger, with ring finger and little finger resting well. Holding tea cup with this gesture is also called the "3 dragons protecting tripod".
  • When holding a tea cup, the most beautiful gesture of a woman is holding it with thumb, index finger on the rim of the cup, the middle finger holding the bottom, and the little finger slightly pointing upward.
  • Taste slowly, a cup of tea generally can be finished with 3 mouthfus.
  • When brewing green tea, it is best to use a transparent glass, which can keep the fragrance of tea, as well as through which you can enjoy tea leaves in the hot water.