Tea Towel

As known as tea cloth, tea towel is for cleaning during the process of brewing tea.


Used to wipe tea water stains on the outer wall during the process of brewing tea.

Wise selection

Choose absorbent cotton or linen tea towels.

There are plain towels and arabesquitic towels. You can choose the towel according to personal preferences, tea table and tea set's color.


  • Tea towel can only wipe the outside of tea tool, not the inside.
  • In the process of brewing tea, put your hands gently on the tea towel, which is one of the basic norms of etiquette.
  • A demonstration of the use of tea towel: one hand holds a tea set. As to the other hand, the thumb finger upwards, and the other 4 fingers hold the tea towel. The tea towel is used to wipe water stains and tea stains.