Tea Pet

Tea pet is also known as tea play, which is the pet nourished by tea,means wealth and fortune, auspicious, mainly be used to decorate and beautify the tea table. When people drink tea, they often dip some tea for pet painting, or directly drip it with leftover tea. Over time, pets can become warm, pleasant, emitting a good smell of tea. Many tea lovers have their own beloved tea pet.


Used to docorate and beautify the tea table, which is essential preference for tea enthusiasts, and it is also known as tea play.


Tea pet is purple clay or fired ceramic crafts, and the texture of purple clay tea pet is especially the best. The more nourished, the more spirituality the purple clay tea pet has.

Wise selection

Tea pet can be made into a variety of shapes, such as the hedgehog, dog, and buddha and so on, according to personal preferences.

Tea pet can be set with tea table, tea sets and the suitable environment.

The best choice for tea pet is purple clay texture, the more nourished, the more spiritual is.


  • In the process of brewing tea and appreciating tea, it is a special kind of fun to share tea on the tea pet.
  • Purple clay tea pet can be directly washed by clean water or warm water, and it also can be cleaned by teapot kept brush.