As the saying goes, if we can select the teapot according to the tea character, a good tea is easily made.


Teapot is mainly used to make tea and hold tea, but a small teapot sometimes is directly used to make tea and drink tea from it.


From the texture, the main teapots are purple clay teapot, procelain teapot, glass teapot,etc. Purple clay teapot is the best choice.

Wise selection

  • Water flows smoothy: water smoothly flows out of the teapot's spout, not spray.
  • 3 points in one level. This is the most important assessment on good or bad teapot, that is, put the teapot on the table, if the spout, pot lid, pot handle are on a straight line.
  • Precision. Pot lid should be tightened rather than relaxed, and the better they fit, the better the pot is, or the flavor will be lost.
  • Thermal insulation. The pot can keep the temperature of the tea soup, in order not to extract adequate nutrients in the tea.


  • When brew tea, the teapot size depends on the number of people.
  • The way to hold teapot: the standard action is to hold the pot handle using thumb and middle finger; put the teapot with upward force; the index finger resting lightly on teapot lid, do not cover the holes; the ring finger against the handle forward; little finger rests inside. You can also hold pots with 2 hands. Either way is ok, but do not caive the teapot holes.
  • In the process of brewing, do not put spout against the guests but face yourself.
  • When pouring tea, you should fix up the lid with your fingers, so as not to tilt the teapot body, slip the tea lid.