Tea Caddy

Tea caddy is not strange for most people. For persons who love tea, they often have a jar at home, storing some tea for guests at any time.


Store tea.


The common material is porcelain jars, iron cans, paper cans, plastic cans, tin cans, and so on, as well as pottery, bamboo cans and so on.

Wise selection

  • Wooden can: no crack, no strange smell.
  • Iron can: Iron can is the most common.Surface should not be rough, no paint fumes.
  • Tin can: Tin can should be free of lead.
  • Porcelain Jar: Best buy famous tea cans which is not broken, rough.
  • Size: The cans should not be too large, because tea should not be stored for too long. A large can is not only impractical, but also waste space.

In short, the general requirements to buy tea caddy are well-sealed, moisture-proof, and light-proof without smell.


  • Tea caddy is used to store tea leaves.
  • Tea caddy should be sealed soon after tea leaves are taken to reduce the chances of becoming moisture or losing its favor.
  • If new jars have a little odor, a little tea powder should be put in, then cover the lid, lay it after a couple of days. Then the new tea can be put into.
  • A kind of tea is best placed in a certain tea can.
  • Tea caddy should be put in a cool dry place, kept from direct sunlight, smells or heat sources.