Tea Holder

It is like a lotus leaf, and its shape mostly is hemispherical mounth, often used in sado for guests to appreciate dry tea. The holder is good tea art as well as tea craft, both functional and artistic.


Mainly to appreciate tea, but also used in these ways: temporarily contain the dry tea being taken out of tea caddy; and after people enjoy the color and shape of the tea, the tea would be put into the teapot. Besides, people also slightly crush tea into the tea holder, in order to increase the concentration of liquid.


There are a variety of shapes: roundness, semi-circular, curved,etc. Tea holder's material also varied, such as porcelain, bamboo, wood, stone.

Wise selection

The best choice is to buy porcelain tea holder, better setting off the nature and the color of tea leaves. If there is no tea holder during family tea drinking, hard texture of cardboard folded can be made in the shape of tea holder instead.


  • Used to appreciate dry tea for guests.
  • People should not touch the gap site when fetch tea leaves, in order to make tea leaves clean and hygienic.
  • When guests appreciate tea leaves, the left thumb and the other 4 fingers should hold the tea holder, with right hand holding the bottom.