Tea Tray

In the tea family, tea tray plays a liitle-known role, but pot, cup will be used with the help of it.


Tea tray is mainly used to place the teapot, cup and so on. If it is double-deck, it can be used to contain the tea soup or waste water.


It is mainly made of bamboo, wood, sometimes porcelain, purple clay. On function, there are single-deck tea tray and double-deck tea tray.

Wise Selection

Material selection

The most common and most useful material is bamboo and wood, they are econmical, and environmentally friendly.  The most common wooden tea tray is made of rosewood, ebony and other green ebony.

Size selection

Fewer people or in small room, small tea tray can be selected. The drinkers or the one with many tea devices can select large tea tray.

Type selection

Those who don't often drink tea can buy a water kept tray, which can both meet the requirements and save space. Those people who drink a lot or drink regular should buy a normal tea tray,


  • When the devices are in tea tray, they should be in order.
  • When the tea tray is used to contain cool tea soup or waste water, clean it up and drain it, and dry it with a dry cloth.