Lid Set

Lid set is the apparatus to place the lid during the process of brewing tea.


It is used to place the lid and keep it clean, to reduce the lid's friction, and also to prevent water droplets from cover to the table.


The materials are purple clay, porcelain, bamboo or wood. They are many styles for people to choose.

Wise selection

Material selection: You had better buy wood lid set, in order to avoid collision, causing the lid broken.

Style choice: there are many styles, and there are beautiful quality porcelain or bamboo or small purple clay holder platform, as well as small cap, drum-shaped pier,etc. You can choose according to personal preference.

Lid set is the essential tea sets for senior, and for those who drink tea occasionally, a clean saucer can be chosen.


  • To place the lid.
  • Lid set can avoid direct touch between the lid and the tea table and make the process clean, also reduce friction on the lid.
  • Use the lid set for the tea to add a trace of elegance, but it should be washed immediately after use, so as not to have tea stains on appearance.