Sado 6 Gentlemen / Tea Props

Tea props/ sado 6 gentlemen include tea scoop, teaspoon, tea strainer, tea pin, tea clip and tea canister. They play a supporting role in the process of brewing tea to make more decency, more elegant.


Each of six tea props has its own use, and the function is irreplaceable.

  1. Tea scoop 茶则: to make the amount of tea and fetch dry tea from teapot.
  2. Teaspoon 茶匙: to pour dry tea to the teapot or tureen.
  3. Tea strainer 茶漏: put the tea strainer on the mouth of pot when fetching the dry tea to the teapot, it can prevent the leakage of tea.
  4. Tea pin 茶针: to clear the spout.
  5. Tea clip 茶夹: when warming a cup of tea, it is used to clip tea cup and smelling cup.
  6. Canister 茶筒: to hold the above five kinds of tea props.


Mostly bamboo, wood, sandalwood tea props are preferred by tea lovers. Canister styles are straight, square, bottle-shaped and so on.

Wise selection

Tea props can be choosen according to personal preferences, and the bottleshaped canister is more elegant, while the square one is simpler. In general, the combination of sandalwood tea props is the best choice of tea lovers.


When take these 6 tea props, do not hold or touch exposed parts which contacting with tea.