Smelling Cup

Pay attention to the traditional sado," first, sniff; second,smell; third, taste", where "smell" is the function of smelling cup.


Smelling cup is used to smell fragrance of the tea cup, together with tea cup.


Most smelling cup are made of porcelain, purple clay with white glaze applied inside.

Wise selection

It is better to use porcelain smelling cup, through which you can watch the tea's color, and purple clay texture cup is easy to make fragrance adsorbed on the cup surface, but not conducive to watch the tea soup color. And for tasting tea, purple clay cup is better.


  • In brewing tea, the first infusion is used to wash tea leaves and wet them. Empty the tea soup after the tea leaves spread. The 2nd infusion is to be poured into the smelling cup to smell.
  • When use smelling cup, with cup mounth forward, grip the cup with both hands palm, move it close to the nose, gently rubbing the smelling cup to make it spin, smell while rubbing.