Feng Huang Dancong Oolong Tea

Dancong Tea Farm: SanHong Tea Farm

Feng Huang Dancong -Osmanthus Aroma (桂花香)

Osmanthus is helpful for warming stomach and driving away coldness, while Phoenix Dancong is good for digestion and anti-oxidation. We bake Phoenix Dancong with Osmanthus flowers, which makes amazing sweet osmanthus and tea aroma. It is a special select tea for cold season, which warms you up and keeps your body in good balance. 

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes keeping warm in cold days. Only when your body is warm, you may be strong and energetic. Osmanthus Dancong helps your body to keep warm and at the same time helps you to clean your stomach and intestines. So when a person is warm and clean, he/she may feel good in cold days. 

Let’s have a cup of Osmanthus Dancong while enjoy beautiful snow scenery. 

Fenghuang LaoCong ShuiXian(tea tree around 400-650 years, 老枞水仙)

Phoenix Dancong Old Shuixian, grows in Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou, China. Shuixian is the ancestor of Phoenix Dancong family. Long tree ages help the tea tree to have rich minerals which bring strong aftertaste to Old Shuixian. Its flavor is not high, but subtle , which can linger in the mouth and throat for a long time, at least half an hour. The first sip takes you woody flavor, then nuts flavor, finally it takes you fresh and slight flower flavor like flowers blooming in spring. Old Shuixian like Chinese herb which is very good for body health, such as lowering down blood fat, anti-oxidation, and also keeping body in good balance. 

Phoenix Shuixian is unique Old Shuixian in the world. Wuyi Shuixian is more famous then Phoenix Shuixian in China since Wuyi Shuixian has been given a lot of event marketing and speculation. However, Wuyi Shuixian are quite young trees, and it is hard to find Wuyi Shuixian that are more than 400 years, most of them are from 10-30years. Since Wuyi Shuixian is transplanted from Phoenix Shuixian species, Wuyi Shuixian can not carry as much good quality as Phoenix Shuixian during the transplantation. Wuyi Shuixian has much more production than Phoenix Shuixian.

Phoenix Dancong Xuepian(snow flake) 雪片单枞茶

Snow Flake—Encounter Spring in Winter

Snow flakes NOT snow, but tea. In ancient time, Phoenix mountain was so cold that snow fell down in early winter. When the tea leaves were covered with light snow, it looked like Xuepian(snow flake). That is why we call it Xuepian(snow flake). Phoenix Dancong Xuepian has experienced frost, even snow, and this make the tea leaves smell better with quite high orchid flavor. It is the natural orchid flavor that comes out from Xuepian. 

When you pour down the hot water, high orchid aroma surrounds you, and it seems that you are having a flower aroma SPA from nose through your body. Phoenix Dancong Xuepian is so attractive that once you try it you will love it.


This is an amazing Chinese tea which only has limited yield, since it can only grows in Phoenix mountain and produces in early winter.