Feng Huang Dancong Oolong Tea

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After steeping

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Process of Dancong tea

Phoenix Dancong ---Ba Xian (八仙)

Phoenix Dancong Ba Xian grows in Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou, China. Ba Xian means Eight Immortals in a Chinese fairy who can do anything, very successful men.
The tea trees of Phoenix Dancong Ba Xian in our farm are about 200-500 years old. Phoenix Ba Xian is a super premium tea in Oolong tea. It grows in rocks in wild. With long time accumulation of minerals from the rocks, Ba Xian gives you an intensive taste of fruit, which lingers in your teeth and throat for more than half an hour. The local villagers have a saying: “ After one cup of Ba Xian, the flavor still lingers in your throat when you are at downtown (it takes more than one hour to travel from Phoenix mountain to downtown Chaozhou). We may see the old age of Ba Xian tea tree from the picture.

Like wrinkles of old man, the hundreds of years old tree has holes in their bottom trunk .We let the trees grow by nature, no pesticides given to Ba Xian trees. We also do not cut the grass or other plants surrounded Ba Xian tree so as to keep it in a naturally good biological environment.

Ba Xian likes old wine that gives you the taste of matured mellow flavor.

Phoenix Dancong--- Song Zhong (宋种)

 Phoenix Dancong Song Zhong, grows in Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou, China. It has been planted since Song dynasty. It is said that in Song Dynasty, Imperor Song travelled to Phoenix Moutain, he drunk some water cooked with wild leaves and found it very refreshing and tasty. From then on, people planted this tea tree and called it Song Zhong,meaning the plant from Song Dynasty.

Song Zhong enhances strong honey flavor and smooth taste. It is the top one tea in Oolong tea. In 1976, Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, visited China and was invited to have a try of Song Zhong. He praised that this tea is very refreshing and loved it very much.It is the best afternoon tea which help you to keep still fresh in the afternoon. It is also Great at breaking down oily or fatty food.

Phoenix Dancong---Wild-grown Baiye (野生白叶)

Phoenix Wild Baiye Dancong grows in phoenix mountain at the altitude more than 1000 meters, Chaozhou, China. Growing up in the high mountain CLIFF, shrouded in fog, wild grown Baiye Dangcong absorbs rich minerals and wild flower flavor whichcreate unique aroma gifted by nature. The wild Baiye Dangcong tea trees scattered all over the high mountain without any human care. They love to grow in cliff gaps and
grow in harmony with all kinds of wild plants in the mountain. In such an originally biological environment, the Wild Baiye Dangcong teas bring you natural taste like orchid, peach, honey. This tea may help your body to keep in good balance by natural nutrition.