Black Oolong Tea / Oil-Cut Black Oolong Tea

Black Oolong is a new variety of  Oolong tea in recent years, which it combines the production methods of green tea and black tea. 

Black oolong tea is also called " Oil-cut Oolong tea". This tea is classified as a Food for Specified Health.

black oolong tea OTPP ( Oolong Tea Polymerized Polyphenols)is mildly bitter, with a refreshing aftertaste.OTPPs, help block the absorption of fat in foods and suppress the increase of triglycerides after meals.

It goes well with meals and can be enjoyed everyday.It is particularly recommended for those who love rich foods and those who have high levels of serum triglycerides.

Black Oolong tea suppresses the increase in serum triglycerides after meals through the mechanism oolong tea polymerized polyphenols use to block fat absorption. It is useful as a dietary aid for people who tend to eat rich foods, as well as for those with high levels of serum triglycerides.

It is rich in these fat-blocking polymerized polyphenols, and has been recognized as a health-promoting tea.Som research shows that drinking it with meals suppresses the increase in triglycerides after meals by approximately 20%.

 In addition, studies in Taiwan indicate that OTPPs nearly double the amount of fat excretion.Black oolong tea is known to have numerous health benefits.

This tea can also help you lower your triglyceride levels and even stave off the onset of type II diabetes.With reducing your fat deposits and giving you more energy, it carb-controlled diet is likely to lead to a reduced risk of heart disease and type II diabetes.

Black Oolong tea can be brewed with  lemon, honey, milk and  sugar..