Wu Yi Oolong Tea

Wu Yi Yan Cha (武夷岩茶)---CheLan Tea (奇兰茶)

Wuyi Chelan is a none-sexy difference varieties. It belongs to bush, the middle leaf class, early kind. Plants are tall, branches are semiappressed and density, high yield, leaf green, wide adaptability, strong resistance. It is local varieties In Fujian province, native to Yaoyang, Xiping Town, Anxi County, Fujian. Chelan is a series of varieties, including white Chelan, bamboo leaves Chelan.It has straight and long terriers, black color without red and green. Dry tea smelled like Orchid aroma,it is a good choice for the people who like aroma and light flavor!
Water tea smelled like Orchid aroma,the flavor not stronger than the classic Wuyi rock tea, after-taste sweet can last a long time,It combines Wuyi rock tea's advantages with Tieguanyin, is accepted easily by the people who like aroma and light flavor!It is understood that Ladies are more like it.


Quality characteristics of Wuyi Chelan tea:

Shape: coarse
Color: auburnish green with green slightly
Soup color: dark yellow or orange
Aroma: aroma lasting, fragrant with orchids
Taste: sweet and mellow
Tea leafs: yellow foam

Wu Yi Yan Cha (武夷岩茶)---AiJiao Oolong (矮脚乌龙)

AiJiao Oolong(矮脚乌龙) is Oolong tea, specialty tea of China’s Fujian province.


 Quality characteristics :
Shape: tightly
Color: brown, like eel skin
Soup color: bright orange
Aroma: rich, there is the smell of gardenia
Taste: sweet and mellow
Tea leafs: soft, light, and evenly


AiJiao Oolong tea is the top grade, with more than a century of cultural history, originating in the Jian’ou of Fujian, now produced in AiJiaoOolong tea plantations of Dongfeng Town. Oolong alias called lobular Dwarf, small plant, leafy red trim, gardenia Aroma like incense. AiJiao Oolong there is a feature, in addition to tea itself should be separate, but also very suitable for tea ingredients fight, fight other tea tea is not won, allowing more diverse flavor.

Wu Yi Yan Cha (武夷岩茶)---Lao Cong Shui Xian (老枞水仙)/old fir narcissus

Wu Yi Mountain has a  tea tree named Shui Xian. This kind of tree will only grow flower and not fruits and it depends on the branches of the tree which had been cut down to grow new tree.


As a plantation base, Wushandi is well-known for its produces of over 100 years fir narcissus tea with excellent quality. Most old fir narcissus trees are covered with green moss from trunk to branches and experienced a long history, and they are full of rock-essence and old fir flavor. Being so scarce and low production, fir narcissus over 100 years old is extremely valuable. The leaves of Wushandi old fir narcissus are large, thick, and fat, with brilliant green color. Thanks to its unique brown and green moss flavor, Wushandi old fir narcissus tea is very popular among lovers of Wuyi Mountain rock tea.