Red Water Oolong Tea / Hong Shui Oolong Tea

Red Water Oolong tea is a kind of traditional Dong Ding Oolong with heavy oxidization, Hong Shui Oolong is in the round/ball shape, but highly oxidized (60%) and of light/slow roasting degree.The birthplace of Hong Shui oolong is Lu Gu, Nan Tou, in central part of Taiwan. This region inherits their oolong processing skill from Anxi, Fujian Province.

Evenly and tightly pearl tea leaves.  The dry leaf in brick color is with red border.  The tip of leaf and the vein is shown as the reddish.  The red spots can be also found between the surface and the petiole.  The infusion is amber in color.

This batch of Red Water oolong was from a plantation in Dong-Ding, which has very similar weather and elevation conditions to Wu-Yi. Dong-Ding is about 700m high, and the average elevation in Wu -Yi is 650m. Both places are at approximately the same latitude, but different soil conditions. Red Water Oolong was made from a traditional cultivar from Wu-Yi hundreds years ago. Same high oxidation. While you can certainly find "Wu-Yi" in Red Water oolong, somethings are different: the Red Water Oolong has an intense sugarcane-y sweetness in the aroma and good roundness in taste. 

Brewing Red Water Oolong Tea with Purple Clay Teapot