Feng Huang Dancong Oolong Tea

Birthplace of Dancong Oolong Tea: FengHuang Mountain

Phoenix Dancong Da Wu Ye(大乌叶)

Phoenix Dancong Da Wu Ye, grows in Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou, China. The tea trees in our tea mountain range from around 100 years to 300 years. It is well known with its high magnolia aroma when it is brewed. When you drink a cup of Da Wu Ye, the first feeling is magnolia aroma, and then comes sweet fruit aroma, finally the sweet and pleasant aroma fly from your mouth to your heart, making you feel fresh and happy.

Phoenix Dancong Dong Fang Hong (Oriental Red) (东方红)

Phoenix Dancong Dong Fang Hong grows in Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou, China. It grows in the very rocky area in Phoenix Mountain. It has quite high flower aroma. In 1970’s, this tea was chosen as the best tea to sent to Chairman Mao, former China president who is taken as a great man in China. Chairman’s office sent back a thank you letter after Mao’s try. The letter says Mao loved it very much . From then on , this tea was named Dong Fang Hong(oriental red) which means very good quality and famous . Actually this tea has a history more than 300 years, before Dong Fang Hong, it was named by the local farmer with a slang which is hard to spell in Chinese.

Phoenix Dancong Qun Ti Xiang (Mixture of several kinds of fruit flavor)群体香

Phoenix Dancong Qun Ti Xiang grows in Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou, China. It has the natural fruit aroma produced by the nature. This aroma like mixture of all kinds juice, however, it let you experience different fruit flavors in one cup of tea, like peach, nut, and lychee. It grows in the mountain which is covered by heavy fog in the early morning and at dawn. The mountain also has rich minerals in the special rocky red soil. This magical aroma can only be produced by Phoenix Mountain rock and fog which give birth to this special fruit aroma. This tea absorbs rich minerals from the rocky earth. So you may enjoy a fruit tea without putting any fruit into the tea.

Phoenix Oolong Zhi Lan Xiang (Orchid flavor)芝兰香

Phoenix Oolong Zhi Lan Xiang, grows in Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou, China.It is a popular Phoenix Oolong tea. It has the natural orchid flavor. When you are enjoying cup of Zhi Lan Xiang, it seems that orchid flower is blooming around you. The old tea tree of Zhi Lan Xiang produces tea that can be brewed more than 20 times which still has orchid flavor. We chose tea trees from the mountain that the altitude is more than 1000 meters, far away from industrial area.

Phoenix Oolong Xing Ren Xiang ,Almond flavor 杏仁香

Phoenix Oolong Xin Ren Xiang (Almond flavor), grows in Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou, China. It is well known with its high aroma of almond. The tea’s silky taste with almond flavor brings you fantastic experience. Chaozhou people take this tea as precious tea when they send tea gift to friends or important people. It has quite limited volume each year for the high mountain Xin Ren Xiang.