China Black Tea --- TaiWan GongFu Black Tea

Blak Tea—TaiWan GongFu Tea/Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

Sun Moon Lake Black Tea(Ri Yue Tan black tea) is a rare black tea from Taiwan. During the World War II, tea plants from India were imported and planted in the hills approximately 800 meter above the sea levels surrounding Sun Moon Lake area.Ever since the Japanese Colonial Period, Yuchih Township has been regarded as the most prominent black tea production area.The tea has been recognized as one of the most prestigious black tea enjoyed by the royals and officials.


Quality characteristics of Taiwan Gongfu tea:

Brewed color: olor turns red, carrying some golden tint, and is crystal clear.

Tea leaves: Rather thick, glossy and dark in color.

Flavor: when brewing tea and pull out the first cups that you could smell with the cinnamon aroma then when tasting it the mint flavor is coming out with your nose

Origin: Yu-Chih, Nantou county, Taiwan

China Black Tea --- YueHong GongFu Black Tea

 Blak Tea—Yue Hong GongFu Tea

Yuehong Gongfu tea is produced in Shaoxing, Zhuji,and  Shengzhou County of Zhejiang Province. Tea garden : humid climate, abundant rainfall, and fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing. 

Yuehong Gongfu tea picking strict standards to a bud and a leaf or a bud and two leaves as a standard, fresh leaves after withering, rolling, fermentation, drying four refining processes.


Quality characteristics of Yuehong Gongfu tea:

Shape: tightly and straight

Color: black bloom

Soup color: red brilliant

Aroma: high aroma

Taste: mellow and thick

Infused leaves: dark

China Black Tea --- FuLiang GongFu Black Tea

 Blak Tea—FuLiang GongFu Tea

Fu Liang Gong Fu black tea is produced in JinDeZhen, JiangXi province, which is also capital of chinese procelain. Fu liang gong fu has another name :”Fu Hong”

This tea exudes a noticeable aroma and leaves a refreshing flavor over your tongue.


Brewing guide:

using purple clay or porcelain tea ware. Rinse tea cup and teapot with hot water. Use about 2 grams of tea leaves (1-2 teaspoons) for every 150ml of water. Steep tea leaves in hot water at 95°c (203°F) for 1 minute for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brewing. If you like milk with your tea, add 10 to 15ml of sweetened/plain dairy milk and stir.