China Black Tea : Jasmine Black Tea

Blak Tea—Jasmine Black Tea

A refreshing blend of exclusive quality tea, enhanced with jasmine flavor. 

A fine Chinese black tea scented with Jasmine Blossoms in the same way as the more widely known green tea. The blossoms are layered between black tea at night as they open, a process that is repeated several times. Jasmine tea is the most popular variety of flavored tea. This is, in part because Jasmine has been used to scent and flavor every variety of tea: white, black, green and oolong.


Jasmine tea dates back to the Sung Dynasty. To make this delicious blend, tea artisans plucked jasmine blossoms just as they were beginning to open. Then the petals were stored in a cool place until night fall, when the blossoms began to release their fragrance.

China Black Tea : Osmanthus Black Tea

Blak Tea—Osmanthus Black Tea

In China, Osmanthus tea is produced by combining dried Sweet Osmanthus (Osmanthus fragrans) flowers with black tea leaves in much the same manner the more familiar jasmine tea combines jasmine flowers with tea leaves.Traditional Chinese medicine claims that drinking osmanthus tea improves complexion and helps rid the body of excess nitric oxide, a compound that is linked

Osmanthus secnted tea is made with any number of different Chines teas as the base, including black, green, pouchong, oolong, and even sometimes white or Pu-erh. Green tea or greener oolongs  are common bases as they blend well with the osmanthus blossoms' fragrance. The best osmanthus teas are produced by a time- and labor-intensive layering process, in which the flowers are placed in a tight area together with the leaves, which are allowed to absorb their fragrance. This process is then repeated several times.

Although the production process is similar to that used to produce jasmine tea, and both could be described as floral, the aroma of osmanthus, and thus osmanthus tea, is very different from jasmine. One of the benefits of this distinct aroma is that people who strongly like or dislike one tea may have a very different reaction to the other

China Black Tea : Rose Black Tea

 Black Tea---Rose Black Tea

Rose Black Tea is made from Chinese black tea which has been scented with rose petals. this tea is made in China in the traditional way: red rose petals and the tea are mixed together and then separated by sieving, leaving the tea naturally scented. Only a few petals are left behind. This is the most natural way of scenting teas. 

Rose tea is used to cure many ailments. Rose tea is used for many illnesses like:Drinking a cup of rose tea twice in day flushes out all toxic matter from the body.The chilled tea is used to lower down the temperature of the body. That’s the reason; rose drink is the most favorite summer drink as it cools down the body.Rose tea also soothes sore throat giving relief from irritation.The infection that creeps in the digestive system is healed by two cups of rose tea daily. The vitamin C present in rose tea kills the bacterium that ruins the digestive tracts.It helps in eliminating the waste from kidneys and thus improves the blood circulation.Rose tea works amazing on diarrhea, gastric troubles and dysentery.Crushed rose petals which are used in rose tea heal urine infection and mellow down the cramps that occur due to menstruation cycle.Rose tea is an amazing remedy on depression and mood swings.

Rose black tea boasts a aromatic, candy-pink petals and rich black China tea leaves that result in a delicate wine essence with hints of chocolate and rose.