Herba Verbenae

马鞭草 Herba Verbenae

Name: Herba Verbenae
Resource: Herb of Verbena officinalis L.,family Verbenaceae.
Characteristic: A herb,high 0.5-1.0 meter.Stem square.Leaves opposite,basal leaves thrice deply cracked,margin irregularly serrate;basal leaves rarely lobed;both surfaces covered by scabrous hairs.Spike terminal or axillary,slender.Flower small;labiate corolla blue-purple.Bitter in taste,slightly cold in nature,and attributive to liver and spleen channels.


1.Clear away heat and toxic material:For diphtheria,sorethroat,common cold of wind-heat type,skin infection,dysentery and diarrhea of wind-heat type,leucorrhagia of dampness-heat type.Recently,also used for icteric infectious hepatitis and mycotic vaginitis.

 2.Promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis:For blood-stasis syndrome with amenia,dysmenorrhea,or abdominal mass.Recently,used for hepatosplenomegaly.

3.Prevent recurrence of malaria and kill parasites:For malaria and filariasis.

4.Promote diuresis:For edema,wet beriberi,stranguria of heat type.

Usage: Decoction:10-30g;40-60g daily for diphtheria,malaria and hepatitis.
Local application:Decoction for vaginal irrigation and medicated cotton ball for vaginal suppository in case of mycotic vaginitis.

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千日红 Globe Amaranth Flower

Globe amaranth can grow up to two feet with newer, smaller varieties that are bushy dwarfs. The flowers are about an inch in diameter and can be red, purple, magenta, orange, or . It has good function in keeping health, beautiful and young. It can be used to make tea, just put the dried flowers into the glass and pure the hot water in it, later you can drink it, it has special flavor.

Globe Amaranth is good for our skin, it is able to treat many conditions from inside out. It is also a good antibacterial agent which can help to keep our skin clean, and resume our skin's bright and elastic texture. This is another "female flower" which is good for ladies where it helps to delay aging and ease menstrual symptom.

腊梅花 Winter Sweet Flower

The wintersweet flower has long been known for its heady fragrance.
Although the fragrance of the wintersweet flower tea is not as strong as that of the Jasmine tea, it still remains after being brewed several times. Wintersweet flower tea also helps relieve coughing.


Check to vomit, analgesic, spasm, strengthening the cellular immune function and bacteriostasis

桃花 Peach flower

Cultivation of peaches began in China as early as 2000BC. A Chinese bride was referred to as a peach, due to the seeming likeness between a peach and female genitalia.

Peach flower tea can not only lose weight, but also beauty.

There are a variety of vitamins and trace elements, to prevent the chronic deposition of melanin in the skin, effectively remove melasma, freckles, dark spots.

虞美人 Corn Poppy

Medicinal Parts

The medicinal parts of the plant are the flowers and seeds.


The Corn Poppy has been used through history as a remedy for bronchitis, colds, coughs, to loosen congestion, and as a mild sedative, though scientific proof of these benefits seems sketchy at this point.  Crushed, fresh or dried flower petals are used in a tea for these purposes - about 2 teaspoons per cup in boiling water up to three times per day

玫瑰花 Rose

Rose tea is used to cure many ailments. Mix few dried petals or crushed petals to cup of boiling water. Let it boil for few minutes. Bring down the temperature and drain the mixture in a cup. Serve it warm or chilled.


This tea is used for many illnesses like:
Drinking a cup of rose tea twice in day flushes out all toxic matter from the body.
The chilled tea is used to lower down the temperature of the body. That’s the reason; rose drink is the most favorite summer drink as it cools down the body.
Rose tea also soothes sore throat giving relief from irritation.
The infection that creeps in the digestive system is healed by two cups of rose tea daily. The vitamin C present in rose tea kills the bacterium that ruins the digestive tracts.
It helps in eliminating the waste from kidneys and thus improves the blood circulation.
Rose tea works amazing on diarrhea, gastric troubles and dysentery.
Crushed rose petals which are used in rose tea heal urine infection and mellow down the cramps that occur due to menstruation cycle.
Rose tea is an amazing remedy on depression and mood swings.