Healthy Tea

Eight Treasure Tea 八宝茶

八宝茶,eight treasure tea , also known as "三炮茶”(three brewing tea), is one of chinese traditional beverage of Hui and Dongxiang races, and they entertain their guests with the tea.


Organic Green Tea, Chinese wolfberry,Rock sugar,
Red dates,waltnuts,sesame,Longan,Raisins.


Taste: sweet and delicious,This combination of ingredients produces a mildly sweet tea liquor with a cooling and refreshing taste,


reduce cholesterol, aid blood circulation and strengthen the body's immune system.

Snow-Covered E-Se Tea 俄色茶

Snow-Covered E-Se Tea is produced in HuoEr valley of Lu-Huo county, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, where it is  the southeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau.

E-Se tea tree belongs to rare wild tree tea species growing in the absence of any pollution of the environment. the tea trees are a hundred years old or even centuries in HuoEr Valley.

For a long time,E-Se tea is as a luxury drinks for greeting noble guests, festival ceremonies, and only for nobilities in Tibetan areas.

Its miraculous medicinal properties have been recorded in the most authoritative Tibetan medical science book.E-Se tea's health benefit:

clean lung and laxative,slimming and beauty effects .
Can be assisted adjust high blood pressure, high blood glucose, and high blood fat disease, effect magical and no side effects
Low blood sugar, blood pressure will not fit to drink more.


Technical requirements
(A) species:Malus toringoides (Rehd)Hughes
(B) site conditions:Protected areas within the altitude of 3000m to 3500m, the soil type is brown mountain soil, soil pH of 4.5 to 6.0, effective soil ≥ 50cm of soil organic matter ≥ 15%.
(C) picking
Picking time: in mid-April to the end of June.
Picking requirements: the fresh leaves, no diseased leaves, violet leaves and red leaves.
(D) processing. 
The fresh leaves → share of green → fixing → drying → beginning of kneading (fried) green → complex rub, to solve three green → fried → drying (foot fire).

brewing with 90 ℃boiled water;Pour boiling water first into the cup, again on the 2 g or so ;This tea is resistant to brew, a cup of tea at least can be brewed eight times or more; twice a day.