Apocynum Tea/Luo Bu Ma Tea

apocynum is precious herb grown with in the vast pollution free Taklamakan Desert along the ancient silk Road in china's remote xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region .The leaves and flowers piked fresh, then roasted slowly to perfect the tea's favor 


Pure natural tea, with maximized preservation of the leaves natural constituents and natural color;

1. Good effects, reliable efficacy in disease prevention and treatment, and enhancement of the body's immune system;

2 Suitable for a wide range of people, all ages;

3. Non-toxic, pollution-free, contamination-free, natural, wild, without any side effects, , can be take for long term;

4. Delicious tea


1. Regulating blood lipid & pressure

Improve the blood viscosity, soften blood vessels, and clear the toxin. With target organ protective effects, it revitalizes the heart, brain, liver, and kidney, preventing cardiovascular complications, helping to improve overall body function. Rapid absorption by oral intake, without any impact to normal eating; Perennial regular tea drinking, gives you a steady blood pressure, which is a healthy habit instead of a lifetime taking medicine.

2. Anti-aging, beautifying

Aging is related to free radical reactions. Apocynum venetum tea has obvious anti-oxidation effects, and can reduce cataract formation. The plant extracts, with composition of inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid, aromatic substances and other compounds in the tea, can regulate fat metabolism.

4. Clear inner fire and calm the liver, anti-arrhythmia

Apocynum venetum contains a variety of bio-active components, which regulates various links of immune system to some extent, to protect the liver detoxification. It obviously regulates humoral immunity, as well as be anti-allergy, anti-viral.

Big Flower Apocynum venetum tea contains flavonoids, by scavenging reactive oxygen free radicals, plays an anti-arrhythmia, anti-myocardial ischemia role, alleviates angina, improve cardiac function. It also helps to improve the cerebral ischemia, and to improve oxygen supply capacity of the brain and. Thus it has a certain effects in recovery of heart, vessel disease and paralysis, dementia.

5. Cardiac and diuretic function, adjuvant effect for diabetes treatment.

Quercetin as the main active constituent of Apocynum, has significant diuretic effect. And big flower Apocynum venetum tea contains large amount of magnesium, up to 930 mg per hectogram. Magnesium has a direct relation with pancreatic insulin secretion, for insulin is released by stimulation of cholecystokinin to the pancreas, while the cholecystokinin is activated by magnesium. Apocynum venetum tea has an adjuvant effect in diabetes treatment.

Suitable for three types of people

1.  patients with hypertension

Who has long-term taking antihypertensive drugs, beyond the control of dizziness, palpitations, heart failure, myocardial infarction and other complications, but deeply harmed by chemical antihypertensive drugs. Frequent headaches, stomach aches, chest tightness, shortness of breath, accompanied by visceral damaged stage due to medication.

2. People with fluctuated blood pressure

Who frequently change antihypertensive drugs, for not enough concern, or stop to take for psychological dislike drugs.

The chemical antihypertensive drugs cannot helps to maintain long-term stable blood pressure, with worries of Stage turing into Phase

3. High-risk group

Who worry about suffering from hypertension or with high blood lipids, but also cannot keep away from smoke and alcohol, frequent entertainment, irregular eating.

Brewing methods

taking 3-4g tea into 4/5 cup of 100°C boiling water,waiting for 1-2 minutes then,you can drinking.