Oolong tea producing process --- Tie Guan Yin

White tea producing process --- Lapsang Souchong

White tea producing process --- Baihao yinzhen

Chinese green tea producing process --- XiHu LongJing

3 pits and 2 gullies in WuYi mountain

“zhengyan” is the total name of places where premium/High-end wuyi Rock Tea are harvested. The traditional areas of “zhengyan” are 3 pits and 2 gullies in WuYi mountain.3 pits are HuiYuan pit, NiuLan pit, and DaoShui pit; 2 gullies are LiuXiang gully and WuYuan gully.The other famous rocks of “zheng yan” in wuyi mountain are TianXin rock, Matou rock…and tea farms within wuyi mountain scenic region

WuYi Yan Cha Tea farm

Wu Yi Yan cha(武夷岩茶 Wu Yi Cliff Tea) – Chinese oolong, semi-oxidized tea produced on the plantations of Wu Yi mountain, Fujian province.

White Tea (white sliver needle & white poeny tea & shou mei) tea factory, FuDing. FuJian Province

Da Hong Pao Tea Plantation---WuYi Mountain Tea Production Area

A pu-erh tea factory in YunNan Province---the process of cooked tea production

Tea Plantation Located in LuShan City, JiangXi Province --- LuShan YunWu Green Tea

With its excellent quality, Lushan Yunwu tea has become popular in China and other countries .As tourism booms in Lushan Mountain, the demand for its tea also flourishes.
In 1959 when Zhu De (a founder of PRC) tasted the tea in Lushan Mountain, he even wrote a poem praising the strong flavor and life-prolonging benefits of the tea, "The flavor of Lushan Mountain Cloud and Mist tea is dense and intense. It is a macrobiotic and healthy way to drinking the tea evermore."

Tea Plantation Located in DuYun City, GuiZhou Province---DuYun MaoJian Green Tea

Anhui Tea Plantation (huangshan maofeng ---Green Tea)

Anhui (安徽) is a province of China that is a major agricultural region and is important in tea production. It is located in the eastern portion of China, inland, and has a diverse geography, including both flat and mountainous regions.
Anhui is the origin of a number of varieties of tea, including Keemun black tea (from Qimen county), lu an gua pian / lu an melon seed green tea,huangshan maofeng, taiping houkui  and hyson green tea,  Anhui also produces a number of styles of tea that originated in other provinces.

Tea Plantation Location:huangshan mountain, Anhui Province

Tea Plantation Owner: 叶满意 (YE MANYI)