Orange Pu-erh Tea,The Pu'er brick tea with Citrus

The Pu'er brick tea with Citrus is originally from Huizhou Tea, Xinhui, GuangDong Province.

Pu'er Tea, Yunnan is the origin of the big leaves drying green tea. and after processed it becomes two series: directly re-processing into raw Puer or after artificially accelerate ferment and re-process into cooked Puer. From the type, it has pressed and distributed. After finished product, it stills ongoing with the natural aging process, the longer the better. This "living antique", the legend full of romantic, the tastes simple and pure, the art of rich and deep.

Xinhui Citrus, the peel of the red orange is the well-known specialty of XinHui – Citrus. Because of its high food value, it also share the traditional spices and seasonings, so it has a high reputation.  As early as the Song Dynasty, it has been one of the “ canton goods” in the North-South trade. During Tongzhi Period, Qing Dynasty, the Citrus  becomes a tribute,  and the Empress Dowager Cixi regards XinHui Citrus as the tribute., so there are such reputations Millennium Ginseng, Century Citrus and Century Citrus wins gold . For Citrus, the long time it was kept, the better, That’s why we call Citrus. . And among these, the citrus produced in Guangdong is the best one. During the old trade history, it was called “Canton Citrus”, which is different with the other province. And XinHui Citrus is the best among Canton Citrus.

Pu'er brick tea with citrus——the use of the Xinhui Citrus and Yunnan Pu'er which make a perfect combination. With the nice smell of the Xinhui Citrus, the sweet of Puer, the long time you keep, the better, also, only use a little tea, you can enjoy a long time. Usually drink this tea, not only sweet, but also good for your appetites. Also because the XinHui Citrus with good flavor which make it become the best. And after combine XinHui Citrus and Yunnan Puer together, it becomes more valuable and it is the best choice for collection, gift and the daily drinking.