How to host a Chinese tea tasting party

To drink tea alone can be a wonderful and introspective journey, a meditation on beauty through the synergies of flavor, smell, and taste. To drink tea among friends under the right circumstances magnifies the sensations of the tea, making it easier to see the beauty that tea has to offer.


The easiest way to create the conditions needed for communal enjoyment and feedback in tea is to organize your own tea tasting among sympathetic friends. All the better to make the tasting a monthly event so that you can become really comfortable with the way your companions taste and describe tea. Organizing a tasting is a pretty simple task with only a few basic considerations to start:


This is possible because as you taste your tea and describe your experience, others can learn from you and look for the sensations you pinpointed. You can do the same by listening to friends describe their experience. Fine tea presents a vast spectrum of sensations, and we are all individually attuned to different elements of flavor, texture and smell based on our past experience. By drinking among friends, you are able to widen the spectrum you perceive and respect the tea more fully.

9 steps of operating a Chinese tea tasting party


1, Registration

Lead the guest to sign in ,and the host should prepare pen, the attendance book or event post.

2, Wash hands

   Help the guests to wash their hands before tea tasting party.  The host should prepare lavabo and towels. 

3, Draw lots.

   Guest draw lots to decide their seats. the host should prepare 2 sets of bookmarks

4, Take Seats

  Guest find their seats according to drawing result. and begin the tea tasting party. the 4 steps usually takes about 30 minutes.

5, Tea presentation.

    The host introduce the teas that guest would taste in the party, (please read tea-guide at the site)

    Remind guests to turn off their mobile phone, and keep quiet when they begin brewing  tea during the first 3 times.


6, Begin the event

Play some  videos about the teas that would taste in the party. if you have apply for hosting tea party at our site, we would provide video resource. the guests would have a deeper understanding of the teas.



Guide guests to meditation, close eyes and listen of quite and soft music. let guests to get more comfortable with meditation for tasting Chinese tea

8, Chinese tea ceremony and brew the teas

The host present chinese tea ceremony and brew teas for guests, or invite the guests to practise tea ceremony.

9, Review, discuss and share

It is important to discover and experience the taste of Chinese teas , and spirit of Chinese tea culture when the guest join the Chinese tea tasting party

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