Good Teas from Great Mountains --- YunWu (Cloud and Mist) Tea from Mt. LuShan

Mt.LuShan is located in the south of JiuJiang City of JiangXi province. It stands by the yeangtze River and the PoYang Lake. It is a key national scenic resort and has been included in the list of world natural Heritages. Mt. Lushan is a horst block mountain and has been known for its majesty, uniqueness, precipitous terrain, and elegance.

In the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), Mt.LuShan became one of the Buddhist centers of China. Three famous teamples appeared in the mountain and they were DongLin( Eastern Woods) Temple, XiLin Temple (Western Woods) and DaLin (Big woods) Temple. The YunWu tea from Mt.Lushan was known as LunShan Tea before. It was planted and made by monks of the three temples in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420). By the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the LuShan Tea had been very famous. The YunWu tea had appeared in the chronicles of Mt. LuShan in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

The YunWu tea from Mt.LuShan is picked when the first bud and first leaf begin to open. Its production requires nine procedures: fixation, loosing up, rolling, stir fixation, sorting out, rubbing, sorting out, tipping, and baking. The finished tea are tight, full, and elegant strips with a green and smooth appearance. The tea bud is vaguely green. The tea soup is bright and green with strong, acute, and lasting aroma. It tastes sweet and brisk. The brewed tea leaves are greenish yellow, soft, and opening.

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