How to Make a Good Cup of Tea --- Brewing Oolong Tea

Brewing of the Oolong tea requires the best-planned and most complicated producedures. Normally, the zisha clay teapot is the best for brewing the Oolong tea.The size of the teapot is chosen based on the number of the tea drinkers. There are many Oolong tea varieties and they vary widely in appearance. Different Oolong teas have the different application amounts. For the strip-shaped semisphere oolong tea, the tea leaves should fill 20% to 30% of the teapot. For the loose strip-shaped oolong tea, the tea leaves should fill 80% of the teapot. The tea ceremony of the oolong tea is called gongfu tea ceremony. In a sense, gongfu tea ceremony is the origin of modern tea ceremony.

The ceremony for the oolong tea---for TieGuanYin.

Tieguanyin is the best of the oolong teas. Its tea soup is golden bright. Its aroma is strong and long-lasting. Its taste is mellow,brisk, sweet, and fresh.


Warming up the tea set

Pour hot water onto the tea set for cleaning it and warming it up.


Tea appreciation:Take proper amount of tea leaves with a tea spoon and put them in a lotus-shaped tea container. Presnet the tea leaves to the guests for them to appreciate the appearance of the tea.

Tea application

Push the tea leaves into the zisha clay teapot from the container.


Water pouring

Continue to pour in water after filling so as to get rid of the foam and impurity.


Showering the teapot:Put on the teapot lid,shower the teapot with hot water to keep the temperature even inside and outside the teapot

Tea soup harvesting

The moment for tea soup harvesting depends on the tenderness and quantity of tea leaves brewed. Before harvesting, put the teapot on a towel to dry up the bottom and pour the tea soup into GongDaoCup.


Tea soup pouring

Divide the tea soup evenly into the aroma-smelling cup and cover the aroma-smelling cup with the drinking teacup and overturn them.


Presenting the tea:Put the filled tea cup on the tea tray and present it to the guest.

Tasting the tea


Take up the aroma-smelling cup to smell the unqiue tea aroma. Then,take up the drinking teacup and taste the tea soup in small slips.

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