Collection value of dark tea

There are mainly two collecting uses: one is for appreciation, the other is for personal taste. Due to different uses, you can choose different types of tea products. 

Collecting for appreciation

The first thing to consider is the historical significance of teas, because only the teas rich in historical significance will have a brighter future of appreciation. 

Purchase the aged tea products. Such as the Black Brick manufactured in 1940s, Qianliang tea, Tianjian tea, Gongjian and Shengjian tea in 1950s and Flower Brick in early 1960s. Because these tea products are the initial compressed tea products which can be called antiques. But these products are very rare so the price is quite expensive. It is hard to find genuine aged tea products on the market. People can be easily deceived if they don’t know how to identify. Please keep alert.

The dark tea products manufactured in recent years particularly the products refined from high-grade raw materials, also has a very high collection value. From the perspective of the innovative raw materials, these are the products with collection value. The number of each type is limited, which symbolizes the great potential for appreciation.

Purchase dark tea products with limited quantities. As a saying goes like this: a thing is valued if it is rare. If the quantity of the product is small the appreciation space will be greater.

Purchase dark tea products with exquisite packages.

Purchase products with complete package and specific date of manufacture and manufacturer.

Collecting for personal taste

If you want to purchase dark tea products both for collection and personal taste, please pay attention to the following points: 


Choose the products that suit for your own taste. There are a great variety of dark tea products. Please choose according to your personal demands. Generally speaking, the relatively loosely compressed products such as Fu Brick, Tianjian tea, Gongjian tea and Shengjian tea age quickly and they can be drunk in three to five years while some tightly compressed products such as Black Brick, Flower Brick, Green Brick and Qianliang tea age relatively slower.


Choose dark tea products with large quantities. Because of the relatively low prices, they can greatly relieve your economic pressure. 


Purchase in large batches. You can purchase all the products you need one time after estimating the average annual amount of tea consumption. Of course, due to the error that may occur in material and process, the quality and taste of different batch of products may vary a little bit. A bulk purchase can keep you from constantly changing products because of the different tastes brought by the above reasons.


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