The Tea Culture of WuYi Mountain---A legendary tea

Praising words of Wuyi tea in history

Emperor Qianlong
"Wuyi Tea is the best. Its flavor is delicate and vigorous at the same time."
Lu You, Poet in Song Dynasty
"Tribute tea from the Jian River is the best in the world. Its fragrance will not fully arise until the light snowfall. Don´t worry about your tea. It can only taste better in heavy snow."
Imperial officer Sun Qiao called Wuyi tea "Wanganhou"
"Fifteen marquis of lingering sweetness were sent to Zhaige Pavilion. Pick tea leave when thunder struck, and mix the leaves in water. Tea trees grow on sunny mountain slopes near water and shrunded in mist."
Lian Heng, scholar from Taiwan
"Wuyi tea, Meng Chen´s pot, and Ruo Chen´s cup, are three necessities for appreciating tea. Without them the drinker does not feel proud, and the host does not feel polite enough to entertain guests."

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