How to infuse China loose tea in easy way

Common Method:Take 3-5g of the tea into a cup and steep it with 85-90℃ boiling water about 3-5minutes before drinking.

Variety   water  water volume Water Temperature Steeping Time Ingredient  Teaware 
Herbal Tea Mineral water 150ml 90-95℃ 1-3 minutes 3g Glassware
Green Tea Mineral water 150ml 80-85℃ 1-3 minutes 3g Glass&Procelain
 Black Tea Mineral water 150ml 95-100℃ 1-3 minutes 3g Glass&Procelain
 Dark Tea Mineral water 150ml 100℃ 1-3 minutes 5g zisha clay teapot &Procelain
 Yellow Tea Mineral water 150ml 85℃ 1-3 minutes 3g Glass&Procelain
 White Tea Mineral water 150ml 80-85℃ 1-3 minutes 3g Glass&Procelain
 Oolong Tea Mineral water 150ml 95-100℃ 1-3 minutes 5g zisha clay teapot &Procelain

How to make herb Tea

 Lemongrass Tea


Things You'll Need: Gloves;Lemongrass plant ;Knife ;Boiling water ;Tea cup ;Strainer ;Sweetener and milk if desired


Step 1:Use gloves to protect your hands and pull a clump of lemongrass away from the parent plant. Sever the plant at the stalk with a knife to help you remove it.
Step 2:Peel off the outer green leaves and discard. These outer green leaves will give your tea a bitter taste if they are used.
Step 3:Cut the remaining lemongrass plant into slices.
Step 4:Pour boiling hot water over the plant and let it sit for five minutes. Use about a tablespoon of the plant per cup.
Step 5:Use a strainer to strain the tea.
Step 6:Sweeten your tea and add milk if desired.

How to make Oolong tea

Step 1:Heat water to a rapid boil in a kettle. Boil for 1 minute.
Step 2:Fill the teapot with hot water and pour out. This will heat the pot so the boiling water does not cool too rapidly during steeping.
Step 3:Add 2 teaspoons of loose tea per cup directly into the teapot if it is a self-straining model or into a tea ball, then into the pot, if it is not.
Step 4:Pour boiling water into the tea pot. Allow to steep for 30 seconds to 9 minutes. The longer the steeping time, the more full-bodied the tea will be.
Step 5:Remove the tea ball, if applicable. Pour the tea into tea cups immediately after the steeping time is reached to avoid bitterness.
Tips & Warnings:Use filtered water for the best flavor. You can pour the tea through a strainer to remove the leaves if you don't have a tea ball.

How to make black tea.

1,Black tea requires high temperature for efficacious extraction. It is necessary to keep container warm in order to maintain adequate temperature in brewing water.
2,Warm up the pitcher
3,3g for 150ml of water. 2 Tea spoons = 3g
4,Pour the tea leaves into the warmed tea pot.
5,If you do not have tea pot and use any container for brewing tea, please make sure use a cap in order not to reduce the temperature.
6,It is not advisable to pour water from high position. It would damage the tea leaf and cause astringent taste.
7,Brew for 1-2 mins. 1 min for lighter taste and 2 mins for thicker taste.
8,If you prefer tea to be very hot, please warm up the tea cup in advane.
9,Move tea into pithcer in order to even out its concentration.
10,After 1st brewing, tea leaves must be filtered well and kept without water. This is to avoid the liquor becoming bitter and stewed, and also to avoid unpleasant feeling of bits of tea leaves on your palate when drinking. Besides, it prevents tea leaves from being over cooked.

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