The Varieties of Pu-erh Tea

Pu'er classified by shape, can be categorized in to 2 kinds:

 - Loosen leave Pu'er:
Pu'er tea with which still maintains its original leaf shape, without being compressed in to any tight form. It is good for the pu'er beginners you can look at the leaves one by one clearly and feel it in your hands.

 - Compressed Pu'er:
Pu'er tea with which the leave has been compressed in to a special shape while being processed in order to be stored longer and better. Normally it has three shapes: Cake Shape, Bowl Shape, Brick Shape. Cake shape are mostly for the unfermented pu'er tea and Brick Shape are mostly for the fermented one. Fermented Pu'er in compressed shape are having better taste and higher value, for the longer age it has beared and the better fermentation it can get specially in the middle of the bricks.

Pu'er classified by making processing, can be categorized in to 2 kinds:

 - Non-fermented Pu'er Tea:
Tea leaves without fermentation, has a more bitter taste, but worth being kept in the home. It is a great joy to see the tea leaves get fermented and aged slowly by its self, color will change and aroma gets developed.

 - Fermented Pu'er Tea:
Tea leaves were processed after-fermentation by the natural bacteria. The taste is much mild and you can have a silky mouth feel, ready to drink. It also give you a great experience in brewing and drinking the tea specially the mellow aroma, it provided like a long aged red wine. You can also keep it aged in the home year by year to add to its value and smoothen the taste.

Pu'er classified by fermentation condition, can be categorized in to 2 kinds:

 - Dry stored Pu'er Tea:
Pu'er tea stored in dry area. Good quality pu'er tea is always considered the best aged which should be stored in places with dry surrounding and good air ventilation during aging period. It ensures the tea is clean and non moldy, called natural aging. It has a much mild taste but with high hygiene and good health benefits.  

 - Wet stored Pu'er Tea:
Pu'er tea stored in the wet area. Pu'er tea stored in the wet surroundings and closed basement during aging period. It speeds up the aging period and gives a stronger taste but always with molds and not low hygiene. It will have a noticeable moldy smell and small yellow molds on the surface of the compress tea.

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