How to classfiy China tea

Tea connoisseurs classify the tea by its aroma (often floral or fruity), taste and aftertaste (often melony).Thousands of years of Chinese tea history has evolved into a system which is comprehensive but concise, like the Chinese language, and almost impenetrable to first time drinkers.
When enjoying a Chinese tea, there are 9 basic criterion:
Xiang: Fragrance. Aroma.
Chun: the body
Gan:Sweet aftertaste
Yun:Yin Yun refers to Tieguanyin tea. Yan Yun refers to Wuyi Rock tea. Shan Yun refers to a high mountain oolong such as Phoenix Dancong.
Xing: Shape
Huo:Liveliness. Smooth.
Se: Color.
Liang:Brightness. High grade liquor should be clear and bright. Wet leaf should have luster.
Jun:Durability of fragrance and taste

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