Chinese Loose Tea Wholesale 

China Dark Tea Wholesale price information (2018 Feb)
dark tea wholesale price2018-1.pdf
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Chinese Blending Tea Packaged with Pyramid Bag Wholesale Price List (2017 Jul)
Blending Tea packaged with pyramide tea
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Chinese Green Tea Wholesale Price list (2017 Apr)
green teas wholesale price information 2
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China healthy tea & Blooming tea & Herbal tea wholesale Price list (2017 May)
Healthy tea& herb tea& blooming teawhole
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Chinese Oolong Tea Wholesale Price information
Oolong teas wholesale price 2016-7.pdf
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Chinese Black Tea Wholesale Price Information
black tea wholesale price list 2016-1.pd
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Chinese Scented Tea Wholesale Price
scented teas wholesale price 2015-10.pd
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China white tea & yellow tea wholesale price information
White & Yellow tea wholesale price infor
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Special selection: High-end tea of China famous Tea

Chinese high-end tea or premium tea are harvested with very small amount in every year. Most of these teas are wild-growing  in a very small places, such as rock, pit , gully and cave in Chinese famous tea mountains and tea villages. some are made with tea leaves from tea trees aged about more 100 years. All high-end tea are made with Chinese traditional tea-making skills. Sometimes these teas would not  be available...Most of high-end teas are special selected as national gifts by Chinese government.

2016 high-end and premium tea wholesale.
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Chinese Tea Set Wholesale 

Handmade tradition Chinese tea ceremony teaware collection list
Chinese handmade traditional teaware col
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100 Yixing zisha(purple) Clay teapot wholesale list
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100 Chinese traditional tea tray & tea board wholesale list
teatray&teaboardwholesale 2016.pdf
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China Teaism Teaware: Gaiwan & Ceramic Teamakers
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Glass teaware : teamaker, teapot & tea cup.
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JunYao Teaware: teacup & tea pot
JunYao Teaware JYCJ1305.pdf
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Longquan Celadon Teaware:Teapot & Tea cup & tea accessories
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Traditional Teawares:100 JingDeZhen porcelain teawares
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Traditional Teawares: 100 China Porcelain Tea wares
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Chinese Tea Culture Ebook

Purple Clay Teapot
book-purple clay teapotJIANGTEA.pdf
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Payment & Shipping Infomation


We accept various kinds of credit card through Paypal.
Only if customer prefer other option of payment, we suggest "Bank Transfer".

International Shipping via China Post Service

China Post Shipping Service -
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1,EMS (about 1 week)
Price List for International EMS:
Please see

You can get your shipment Number, and trace it at

2, China Post Air Parcel:( about 2-3 weeks)

3,SAL and Ocean shipping via China Post (about 5-6weeks)

Please see the price list of” China Post service”

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