Overview of LongQuan Celadon

Longquan celadon refers to Chinese celadon produced in Longquan kilns which were largely located in Lishui prefecture in southwestern Zhejiang Province. With those in other prefectures the total of discovered kiln sites is over two hundred, making the Longquan celadon production area one of the largest historical ceramic centers in all of China.


Longquan celadon use of local high-quality porcelain clay, soil Zijin, quartz chinaware and other raw materials, forming the pile after the traditional, carved, front, engrave, engraved, sticky, zoned skills such as hand-made of semi-finished products, and then glazing, at about 1300 ℃ high temperature to restore the atmosphere of heavy firing, glaze the high iron was reduced to low iron, so a dark green enamel.


Longquan celadon can be classified by product characteristics and Di Ge ware celadon celadon kiln. Ge ware celadon hard tires thin glaze layer full, there is Cui-Qing glaze, powder blue, gray blue, light Green and so on, to one of Green powder for You. The use of fetal, glaze expansion coefficient between the two different high temperature firing of the glaze after cooling the natural cracks and beautiful shapes of the lines as a means of decoration, there is "gold wire" of the name. Births for the black, at the end of the foot exposed fetus, fetal foot such as iron, I thin glaze browser Micro-exposed fetal Department and the Pan-purple, known as the "Purple iron foot", it is glazed piece matched the profile background, looks antique, dignified and elegant . Brother celadon kiln fetal thick white glaze, the glaze layer plump, green glaze, soft luster. Umeko have blue, powder blue, white beans on the Green, Green, such as shells of different colors to better Umeko Green. Noodles used porcelain decorative bas-relief methods, and its ridge white marks Micro-exposed Department hereinafter referred to as "the tendons," feet were red as "Cinnabar adequate", it's glazed with crystal green background, vigorous tall and straight,Simple and honest and simple dignified, as the " Celadon Flower. "

Celadon Tea Set

a complete set of Celadon porcelain tea sets

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260ml ;height:8.5cm; length:14.5cm
Share cup: about 180ml ;
Cup:about 60ml 

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